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Modern Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaigns use a lot of creative ways to engage with fundraisers and potential donors. Peer-to-Peer campaigns create an ideal setting for fundraisers to showcase their talents all while connecting with your organization’s mission and purpose in a fun way.

Combined with the possibilities that virtual fundraising offers, not-for-profits have constantly found new ways to keep engaging with their communities in today’s world.

Here are some of the most innovative campaigns that have recently been hosted on raisin’s Peer-to-Peer module:

Dance off tournament

By partnering with celebrities in a fun dance-off tournament, Pacekids Society for Children with Special Needs managed to exceed their fundraising goal for their first campaign on the platform. In this unique campaign, each dancer had their own individual fundraising page. It was a great way for the dancers to share the reason why Pacekids Society’s cause was dear to them and advocate for children in Calgary at the same time.
Why not do the same with your partners and allow them to showcase their talents for a good cause?

Sports tournament

Sports are always a great way to bring people together and setting up a friendly competition can further boost your fundraising efforts. Bring in former NBA Players like Metta Sandiford-Artest, Jerome Williams, and Matt Bonner into the mix, and you have a cocktail for success.
In March of 2023, West Park Foundation hosts its annual Tournament of Stars. This unique event allows participants to draft a former NBA player into their team. Each team is encouraged to fundraise, with the team having the greatest contribution getting the first draft.


An eSports tournament can also be an exciting way to engage with your fundraisers without requiring them to leave the comfort of their couch. raisin’s Peer-to-Peer to module is ideal to allow participants to register and engage in friendly competition with the game of your choice.
The Douglas Foundation made the best of our raisin’s Peer-to-Peer module’s features to allow gamers of the general public to compete against each other on NHL 21 and get the unique chance to meet and play with former NHL players, such as Maxime Talbot and local celebrities like √Čtienne Boulay in their Building Hope Tournament.

Hike & Bike

With spring and warmer days right around the corner, outdoor activities are especially appealing. This is a great opportunity to host an event and encourage hikers and bikers to fundraise at the same time.
Additionally, campaigns centered around a physical activity including the Hike & Bike or similar events can be used in combination with Strava – which raisin integrates with – allowing fundraisers to showcase their activity directly on their fundraising page.

Looking for other great ways to engage with your community? Feel free to get in touch with your Account Manager.
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