CampaignsNBA Alumni team up with West Park Foundation community members for the Tournament of Stars!

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On March 24 and 25, West Park Foundation hosts their 4th annual Tournament of Stars bringing their community together for an incredible day shooting hoops with NBA alumni players including Metta Sandiford-Artest, Jerome Williams, Matt Bonner, and many others.

West Park Foundation is the official fundraising organization for West Park Healthcare Centre, a hospital and rehabilitation centre in West Toronto, Ontario. Funds raised through West Park Foundation help fund research and rehabilitative care for patients with serious illnesses or injuries, helping them overcome challenges and live full lives.

The Tournament of Stars is a unique fundraising event that sees participants team up to raise a minimum of $20,000 to qualify for the opportunity to draft an NBA celebrity team member. Teams are encouraged to raise the most with the top-raising team getting the first draft pick and the remaining teams following in order of funds raised. Next, teams will hit the court to show off their skills and compete alongside their celebrity teammates to win the Tournament of Stars!

For this event, West Park leveraged raisin’s powerful Peer-to-Peer fundraising platform to build a compelling website where visitors can learn about the event and West Park’s mission, keep up with the fundraiser’s progress, register to participate as a member of a team, and search for participants and teams to sponsor with a donation.

raisin’s comprehensive suite of Participant Centre tools sets participants and teams up for success. Email and social sharing tools help them spread the word, customizable fundraising pages make collecting donations a breeze, and analytic tools help keep track of fundraising progress.

Meanwhile, administrative tools give organizers the power to manage all aspects of the event from start to end. Email tools keep event administrators in contact with participants throughout the event, and robust reports provide data on participants, teams, and donations.

West Park’s Tournament of Stars has found success on the raisin platform for 4 years running bringing in hundreds of thousands in revenue to support their mission. The event helps foster community engagement and support while also raising awareness for the mission and work of West Park Healthcare Centre. This event is a great example of the unique and exciting events any organization can build and manage on raisin’s fundraising platform.
Photo by Samson Photography
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