CampaignsWalking to Raise Awareness for Bladder Cancer

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By J.F. Pierre & Timothy Brandl


Bladder cancer is the 5th most common cancer in Canada, with approximately 8,300 new cases diagnosed every year. Bladder Cancer Canada aims create a world where this is just a memory.

Founded in 2009 by two bladder cancer patients – David Guttman and Jack Moon -- Bladder Cancer Canada provides programs and services that help: address daily issues patients and their support teams face; increase awareness among both the public and medical community; and fund research to better diagnose, treat and eliminate the disease.

The majority of Bladder Cancer Canada’s funding is raised during the organization’s annual Bladder Cancer Awareness Walk. From Vancouver to Sydney, participants and teams in 20 locations across Canada take important steps towards forwarding the organization's mission by joining a nearby Walk, creating a personal page to raise funds and walking together on event day.

After raising a remarkable half million dollars last year, Bladder Cancer Canada is aiming for over $550,000 in 2016. To accomplish this goal, Walkers are supported by raisin's best-in-class Participant Centre which provides the tools to tell their story on unique personal pages designed by AKA New Media, leverage their network to send e-mail blasts requesting donations, track open and click rates, and spread the word via social media. What's more, these tools are mobile-friendly, empowering participants to fundraise up to -- and even during -- the walk!

Superstar fundraiser Ferg Devins has employed these tools with great success as part of the Kenora BCC Walk. One key, he says, is to construct a well-thought out and transparent message to send to donors. The content he includes is a brief synopsis of his personal fight with bladder cancer, information regarding the disease and Bladder Cancer Canada, and why to donate.

Join Bladder Cancer Canada this September at a walk near you to raise funds that support bladder cancer patients, increase public awareness and ultimately, make the disease just a memory. In the organization's words: A walk in the park might not be cure yet, but it's is a great place to start!

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