CampaignsThe 2015 Push For Your Tush Packs a Big Punch

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This spring, Colon Cancer Canada cordially invites you to ‘push for your tush’ to fight colon cancer! 

Begun in 1996 as a small event in North Toronto, Colon Cancer Canada's annual ‘Push For Your Tush’ walk, held in May and June, has grown to span nine cities across Canada, in addition to a virtual walk. With more than 2, 000 people involved, the walk brings communities together to combat the second deadliest cancer in Canada.   

To date, the event has raised over $4 Million. 

This year’s event aims to raise $450, 000 for colon cancer research!

Using raisin’s new peer-to-peer ‘Multi-Pledge’ online fundraising module, the 2015 Push For Your Tush has several features which ease the managing of this multi-city event: 

• Single event website powering multiple locations and walk dates
• Flexible giving options to donate to participants teams, cities or the event
• Robust set of communications tools to spur engagement throughout your event
• Single participant login 
• Concise registration process
• Effective online fundraising tools, including: Facebook auto-posts; an email centre; a multimedia gallery; and much more!

We are honoured to provide the leading online fundraising tools that work to raise more money for Colon Cancer Canada.

Check out Push for your Tush today!   
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