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Montréal is always a great destination and if you are planning to travel to this city and are an Inline skating fan, then the weekend of September 16 and 17 is the perfect time for your visit.

By enrolling in the 24hrs Inline Montreal event, you will have the amazing opportunity to skate on the beautiful Formula One track Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve at Île Notre-Dame, starting in the F1 paddock and skating on the well maintained 4.3km of the course. This challenge is available for skaters eight years old and above so it is a perfect family activity and it’s available to all levels from novice to elite so don’t be shy if you are a beginner.

Choose your challenge from the three time lengths offered and don’t hesitate to set your own personal objective:

  • 6hrs: The 6hrs is best suited for younger skaters and their parents who are at their first 24hrs Inline Montreal experience. This challenge is available for skaters eight years old and above.
  • 12hrs: You want the full experience without having to skate all night? The new 12hrs challenge is for you! This challenge is available for skaters 8 years old and above.
  • 24hrs: For the buffs, the 24hrs is the ultimate challenge! Come and test how many laps you and your team can complete in a day, just improve your total from previous years! This challenge is available for skaters 14 years old and above. 

24hrs Inline Montreal is a unique event, the largest gathering of roller skaters in Canada. Join the great family of skaters, who meet every year since 2004. It is a personal and team challenge accessible to all. You choose your challenge so anyone can succeed!  Whether alone or as a team member, register today and skate with us to raise funds for the development of sport and healthy life habits in Quebec. All donations go to the Speed Skating Federation of Quebec. Every dollar raised will be matched at 210% by the program Placements Sports to develop the sports of the Federation.

Event Details:
From Saturday, September 16th 1 pm to Sunday, September 17th at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve on Île Notre-Dame 
Starting at 1 pm in the transition zone of the F1 paddocks
Registration, costs of registration and donation information are available on the event website:



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