Featuresraisin Release - Register Multiple Participants, Cover Admin Fee in P2P & MailChimp Integration

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raisin is pleased to kick off 2017 launching four new exciting features to ease registration, increase P2P revenue, enhance communication and improve admin efficiency!
Participants can Register Multiple Participants at Once
A parent registers her family for the event, a boss registers their employees, a girlfriend registers her BFF… all within a single transaction! raisin’s new Pledge (peer-to-peer) functionality expedites event registration by allowing participants to register multiple individuals at once. Designed with the ultimate flexibility in mind, the feature gives you control over the profile information collected for additional participants – be it minimal contact details for speedy registration or full information.
Donor Opt-In to Cover Admin Fees for P2P Events
Building on the successful adoption of our Opt-in to Cover Administrative fees in General Donations events, we have now added this popular feature to our Pledge module. Activate this feature in your peer-to-peer events, and watch funds grow!
Integration with MailChimp to Enhance E-mail Communication
Take advantage of MailChimp’s full suite of e-mail marketing capabilities by setting up your events to automatically sync constituents with MailChimp – no manual exports required!
Record Matching with DonorPerfect Integration Saves Valuable Administrative Time
The raisin Pledge module integrates directly with DonorPerfect's donor management software for a truly integrated fundraising solution. When constituents are exported from raisin into DonorPerfect are now automatically merged with duplicate records in your DPO database that share the same First Name, Last Name, E-mail and ZIP Code (or first 3-digits of Postal Code). This major update will save valuable administrative time otherwise manually de-duping records.

To learn more about how these features can enhance your non-profit's online fundraising in 2017, get in touch with our Business Development Manager.
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