FeaturesGo Live with Livestreaming for Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

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Take your fundraising to the next level with Livestreaming on Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube, available in raisin's next-generation Peer-to-Peer Participant Centre.


Platforms such as Twitch, Facebook and YouTube offer the ability for users to broadcast or stream an activity that they're up to from a stream-enabled console, computer, webcam or even mobile phone. While especially popular in the gaming space, live streaming has proliferated in recent years to broader audiences, with streams for "IRL" (or in real-life) activities, music broadcasts, sports, chats/talk shows, and other creative content, allowing creators to broadcast to their community and fans, and interact with viewers in the Chat or verbally on their stream. 

As a way to give back to important causes, #Charitystreams have become common place for creators. Charity livestreams raised over $85 million in 2020, and continues to increase heading into 2022.

With raisin's new Livestreaming feature, your charitable organization can jump into this growing space by offering livestreaming capabiltiies to your Peer-to-Peer fundraisers. The integration empowers charity streamers to sign up, broadcast, and collect donations for your cause:

Connect their stream from Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube
Creators can quickly livestream from their platform of choice, be it Twitch, Facebook Live or YouTube. All that's required is their account, and starting a broadcast!
Screenshot of Livestreaming from raisin Participant Centre to connect with Facebook Live, Twitch and Youtube

Broadcast simultaneously from their Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaign page
As soon as the stream starts, a video player will instantly appear on their personal page that simulcasts their stream to their page. The video player is placed strategically between the top banner and participant story regions to encourage donations to the fundraiser through your Peer-to-Peer campaign site. Payments are received to your organization directly, and receipts issued through your existing tools on raisin for maximum efficiency.
Participant page with streaming from Twitch activated

Highlight success with thermometer overlays, tickers and donate button -- branded to your cause or event
One of the appeals of live streaming is the interactivity between the creator and their community/viewers. To encourage this type of sharing and engagement, real-time fundraising thermometer overlays, and links are offered within the Participant Centre for streaming participants to drive traffic to you and receive donations.

Overlay thermometer on Twitch stream

Curious about how you, too, can get into the game with Livestreaming? Message us for a demo. Let's team up!

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