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By Nicholas Sawarna

Since raisin and our parent company, A.K.A. New Media, are owned and operated in Canada, it only makes sense that our product be flexible in both our country’s official languages. At raisin, we are proud to offer our clients bilingual options, from the moment they sign on to the moment their event begins.

When creating a French or bilingual event, switching back and forth through languages can be frustrating. At raisin, we offer a user-friendly interface which allows administrators to easily toggle between French and English. This allows you to enter French content for every aspect of the system, from webpage content to default email message templates. 

All layers of communication and generic system content and validation messages have been professionally translated and are available in both languages. This means both the default messages and content are available in both  English and French. This saves you time during setup. 

Tax receipts can be made to be language-specific or bilingual. Being content-sensitive and detail-driven, tax receipts must be translated properly. Tax receipts missing mandatory information or providing misleading information can lead to financial penalties from the Canada Revenue Agency. Our experience digitally building physical tax receipts in English and French ensures your online receipts remain consistent with your offline templates. 

For organizations who operate in French, ensuring accents transfer with your data is crucial. To make your export experience smoother, raisin’s export system supports French accents, characters and words. This means your data comes out intact and correct every time. 

In addition to our bilingual software, it is worth noting that we have French-Canadian staff members to guide you through every step of the online fundraising process. When you call into raisin and ask “En Français SVP,” we don’t say “What?” we say “Avec plaisir.”  Make sure nothing is lost in translation, trust a Canadian company to represent your bilingual brand properly. 

1) CRA Guidelines

Photo credit: Hussein, Abdallah via Flickr 
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