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By Nicholas Sawarna

As a child I volunteered for the Canada Summer Games. Although my official duties were serving as a tennis ball-boy and a trash collector, my unofficial joy was to collect limited addition commemorative pins, released one at a time for every day of the games. I bought all seven pins that year.

This successful experiment in classical conditioning hints at an important way you can use store items to hype your fundraising event and make it memorable. Branded items made available through your online fundraising event can be sold outright, but there are ways you can make slight tweaks to their availability to make them special and sought after. All this adds an interactive and exciting element to an otherwise dull transaction. 

Here are four ways to do this:

1) Offer store items during registration  

Take the registration process as an opportunity to upsell products. You may also offer promo codes to further entice a sale. 

2) Sell event memorabilia 

If your event produces artwork, photographs or other valuable swag items, sell them post-event!  

3) Add limited edition items

Make store items available for a limited time only or apply time-sensitive promo codes to create an even greater sense of item exclusiveness.

4) Offer Unlockable Promo Codes

Set online fundraising benchmarks for your participants. Promise to provide them with special discount promo codes for specific store items if they reach these goals.  

raisin’s online store is flexible to fit different organizational needs. Easily add items, set tax receiptable amounts, add pictures and thumbnails, assign package or appeal codes and start selling! Add promo codes or offer these items during the registration process. 
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