FeaturesHashtag Holidays: Send a Card to a Friend Day

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By Natalie Good

February 7 marks ‘#sendacardtoafriendday,’ a virtual holiday asking people to show they care by sending their friends an eCard! As we all live busy lives (and are likely affected by a case of the dreaded “winter blahs”), this day is a great opportunity to brighten someone’s day and make them smile. If you are anything like us you have not thought far enough ahead to create a brilliant paper card by hand and send it the old-fashioned way; but, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

raisin’s eCards are the perfect cost-efficient and green solution for your organization to help your donors spread the love. 

With raisin’s ‘General Donations’ module you can create eCards in a snap! Simply upload a picture, enter a message, notify your followers and voila! Whether you add this feature to ‘In-Tribute’ or ‘In-Memory’ donations or create a stand-alone ‘send-a-card’ campaign, eCards are an effective way of reaching new donors. 

Celebrate #sendacardtoafriendday and create your eCards today! 

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