FeaturesIntegrate Google Address AutoComplete on Forms for Faster Giving

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Address Autocomplete is a feature powered by Google that makes for faster donations, and reduces administrative work otherwise spent cleaning incorrect donor address data.

How does it work?

Using the Google Places API, your forms on raisin’s Donations and Peer-to-Peer (Pledge/Multi-Pledge) modules are now designed to allow a type-ahead-search for addresses. When a donor starts to enter the first few characters of their address, will instantly provide suggestions of matching addresses as they type, and once an address is selected, pre-populate and pre-format the rest of their address fields.

Google Address AutoComplete in action

The integration is simple and free to add on in raisin with a Google Cloud account, but has dramatic effects:

Reduced form friction

Donor address information is required for most charitable organizations to issue a compliant charitable tax receipt. Even on the most well-design forms, entering this information address data increases the time it takes for a donor to give, and in turn, the potenital to abandon their donation. By predicting the address after the donor types a few characters, the AddressComplete integration reduces friction on the form, and increases conversions.

Data accuracy and integrity

All addresses are delivered directly from Google Maps, ensuring accuracy of the location and formatting. With correct address data, you save time by no longer dealing with invalid street locations, typos, reissuing tax receipts and the resulting problems when donors are exported to your CRM.

Affordable for non-profits

Best of all, there is no cost for raisin to configure your forms with Google Autocomplete! Google does charge monthly based on lookups, but nonprofits are eligible for discounted rates via Google for Nonprofit.

Contact us to find out more about how to integrate AddressComplete to your forms, and other time-saving integrations we offer!

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