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By Diane Klich & Nicholas Sawarna 

We’ve all done it – impulsively clicked on a link to buy something only to realize that our wallet was downstairs. You close your browser with the intention to buy it later. You don’t.  
Now imagine this is your donor or your participant or someone who clicked on friend’s post who was asking for sponsorship. The intention to make a donation or sign up for that 10K run is there, but they can’t be bothered to walk downstairs or take the extra minute to pull out their credit card to do it now. You’ve just lost that donor.  

Enter PayPal. With 165 million active digital wallets, and available in 203 markets, PayPal has built a trusted brand in the marketplace for secure transactions. This becomes even more important with the growth in mobile commerce which, according PayPal figures, is outpacing overall ecommerce transactions at double the rate. 

Activating PayPal for your raisin events is easy – simply connect your organization’s PayPal merchant account with raisin using the admin console, and then turn it on for your events. It’s really that simple. It really takes 1 minute to do. 

In combination with raisin's user-friendly desktop and mobile forms, PayPal makes the donation process a smooth and easy one.

Seize the moment. Capture more donations. 
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