FeaturesBcc As a Tool In Stewardship

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By Nicholas Sawarna

From the abacus used by ancient courts of Roman Babylonia to the QWERTY keyboard’s introduction on the 1873 Remington typewriter, the computer age has, and continues to, borrow from a pre-computing age. The Bcc, of email significance, is no different and properly understanding this tool’s pre-computer usage can help your charity raise money. 

The Bcc, or ‘Blind Carbon Copy,’ refers to a pre-email office process where addresses were manually added to messages after they had met the carbon paper copy process. This allowed selected recipients to follow a message without alerting their presence to official recipients or other Bcc’d recipients.  Anonymous readers could choose if or when they chose to join a tracked conversation. 

For email, the Bcc tool process works much the same. By adding addresses to the Bcc bar of an email, recipients are made anonymous to everyone else in the conversation but the original sender. For your charity this can be particularly useful for tracking donations activity and taking appropriate stewardship action.  

At raisin, all seven of our modules feature the ability for organizations to Bcc themselves to any automatic message delivered by our system. Whether you wish to be notified when ‘Thank Yous’ are sent for donations above certain amounts, to be made aware of an important table sale for your gala event or whether you wish to be notified every time a participants signs up for your event, raisin gives you every opportunity to join the conversation. 
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