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Is your organization thinking of incorporating the popular social media app Snapchat in its fundraising efforts? Snapchat now has more users than Twitter but is it the right platform for your organization to reach its current constituents and encourage people who are unfamiliar with your cause to sign up to your raisin event?

Snapchat is a good fit if your organization works with millennials.

There are over 60 million daily Snapchatters in the United States & Canada alone, and 60% of its 166 million global users are between the age of 13 to 24 years old. These statistics present a good enough rationale to implement Snapchat to your fundraising efforts if your fundraising events focus more towards millennials. Examples of these are events to raise money to send kids with disabilities to summer camps or events to raise funds to provide the latest research tools for hospitals which focus on improving children's health.

What will your call-to-action be?

If you are ready to move forward with implementing it to your fundraising efforts and that your organization has created itself an account, the next thing to think about is what type of call to action you should go with for your fundraising events.  Here are the two types of call-to-action at your disposal:
Take a Screenshot: 
When posting your marketing material to your Snapchat Story, you can display links by adding text to your pictures/videos and then ask the person viewing your story to take a screenshot of the content with the link on it. This approach is not the most ideal because your followers have to do the following steps:
1. Take the screenshot.
2. View it in their Camera Roll.
3. Write down or copy the link.
4. Open browser on phone and type in the link.
That is many steps hence why we recommend that you go with the second call-to-action.
Swipe Up (Chat):
In one of Snapchat's recent system updates, they have given us the ability to reply directly to any snaps located in a story. This new feature makes it easier for your followers to take action on your marketing material since they only need to perform one action to tell you that they are interested in participating or donating to your event.  An example of this is if you post a short video of your star fundraiser asking people to register to the event, his call to action in the video can be of him asking the viewer to swipe up and express their interest in participating or donating to the event. After the view expressed his or her interest, a member of your team can reply to them directly with a link to the registration page or with a link to the donation page.
Give Snapchat a shot in your next fundraising event and share your experience with us!
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