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By Genevi√®ve Cassan


eMarketer recently published its forecast of Canadian consumer trends in 2016, and their predictions for mobile usage are staggering: Smartphone penetration rate is estimated to rise up to 61.2% of the adult population (up 9% from 2015), with more than a quarter (25.4%) of time spent with major media will be mobile. 

Given continued trends in this direction, a sound mobile strategy is vital in order for non-profits to remain competitive in a mobile-driven world. 

Mobile Users' Expectations
Mobile users’ needs are different from those on desktop. They expect a faster, more immediate browsing experience and their purchases are often impulsive ones. 

Meeting the needs starts with a mobile-optimized peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising website that is fast and tailored for handheld devices -- without sacrificing functionality. 

Faster Speed
Mobile-optimized websites offer a multitude of benefits to enhance user experience. When you go launch a Pledge (peer-to-peer) event site on raisin, our best-in-class technology automatically detects if a user is entering from one of the 150+ supported mobile browsers, and instantly takes them to a version of the site that is optimized for the size of the device. A multi-channel solution like this also means that costly apps per OS or upgrades are not required.

Control Content
Content, as they say, is king. Mobile visitors want to be able to access information in a quick-and-easy manner without unnecessary navigation or scolling. Our mobile event sites allow you to tailor your branding and message for mobile, while keeping important call-to-actions, like “Donate” and “Register", at the forefront to quickly capture the immediacy of the on-the-go experience.  


Fundraising Tools for P2P Giving
What’s the use in a mobile peer-to-peer fundraising site without the ability to actually fundraise? On raisin, peer-to-peer participants have all of tools they need to run a successful fundraising campaign in their pocket. When logged in, a convenient Participant Dashboard dynamically appears for quick navigation to our suite of mobile tools: import and manage contacts, solicit donations, update their personal page, view donation history and send “Thank You” messages. What’s more, every action taken on their account are automatically synced across devices and back to desktop.

Ensuring your fundraising events are mobile-friendly will do wonders to build better brand engagement, convert more visitors into participants, and ultimately, raise more money for your cause! raisin’s mobile Pledge solution makes going mobile easy to implement with the simple click of a button. Oh, and did we mention that this feature was free?

Get in touch with Gus to learn more about how raisin can help you unleash the power of on-the-go fundraising!

Reference: Briggs, Paul. Canada Trends 2016: Marketer Mastery Of Tech, And The Consumer Tastes That Make It Necessary. eMarketer, 2015.
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