KnowledgeEnhance your fundraiser’s involvement with your Event through journey marketing

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Peer-to-Peer fundraising Events are a great way to fundraise and engage with your community at the same time! What better way to get your fundraisers to feel even more passionate about your cause than having them be the advocates of your organization and promote your fundraising Event within their network among their close friends and relatives.

As fundraisers register to participate in your Event, raisin’s in-built emailing tools allow reach out to your fundraisers with personalized communications tailored to each stage of a fundraiser’s personal journey within your Event. 

raisin’s scheduled emailed feature allows you to send email to your participants at different stages of their journey within your Event and represent a great opportunity to further promote how much their effort means to you. 

The timing at which these emails are sent to participants can be personalized – the number of days after an email is sent is entirely customizable – while you are building your Event and letting the automated email feature send it out to participants to further engage with them and kickstart their fundraising.

By scheduling an email to be sent at a more appropriate time –  for example a couple of days after registration as part of a welcome package – you can drive value and engage with fundraisers throughout the duration of your Event. and further:
  • Promote registration referrals
  • Share unique details about the Event
  • Share information about what fundraising amounts represent for the cause – for example, why not let them what $50 raised represents for your cause
Be sure to also brand the email and to keep your communication material consistent by inserting the Event logo in the header or footer of the email within the message templates.
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