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By Nicholas Sawarna

According to a 2009 Conference Board of Canada report, the average Canadian contributes approximately 777 kilograms of waste per annum. What this means, among other things, is that Canadians rank amongst the worst in the developed world in terms of waste production. 

This Earth Day, our team wishes to celebrate raisin’s electronic tax receipting service as one of our positive contributions to the environment we all share. 
Here are some positives of electronically issuing tax receipts:

1) Saves trees

The more obvious advantage of issuing tax receipts online is the piles of bleached paper which are spared. Save the forest. Save the planet.  

2) Saves your dollars

Manually issuing your tax receipts requires time and resources. raisin’s electronic receipting system is automatic and doesn’t require the time of your staff or expensive postage. So you can focus on other things…like fundraising for making the world a better place. 

3) Reissue with ease

Reissuing tax receipts through raisin is as simple as clicking a mouse and fully CRA-compliant. No wasted paper. No postage. No stress. It’s so easy that even participants in your peer-to-peer events can do it through the participant centre, saving you administrative time and effort!

4) Branded tax receipts 

Use your branded tax receipts with raisin. Our system pulls donor information and sends a perfect receipt to a donors email.  

5) Immediacy for your donors 

Deliver exceptional customer service to the donor’s mail box with a PDF tax receipt conveniently saved and stored away for tax time. 
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