KnowledgeHost a Hybrid Event in 2022 to keep Virtual and In-Person Participants Engaged!

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While we are increasingly seeing a return of in-person events in 2022, there are still plenty of reasons participants may opt to join your event virtually this year.

Hosting a hybrid event is also a great way to broaden your organization’s reach: encouraging supporters to come together with friends and family in another location to fundraise for a cause. If your in-person event happens in Ontario, for example, creating a virtual registration option will allow a family member in Alberta to join the team and fundraise together, while far apart! 

While we’ve gone over how to set up your hybrid event in raisin, here are some tips to set your virtual participants up for success using built-in tools in raisin:  

  • Create virtual Multi-Pledge groups (or virtual teams) to broaden your organization’s reach, and encourage a sense of teamwork and community among participants that will not be attending the event in-person, no matter the reason. 
  • Utilize raisin’s email messaging tools to communicate with your virtual participants and keep this group just as engaged as the in-person registrants! Use message templates and scheduled messages to keep all participants in-the-loop about event updates, fundraising milestones, the impact of their support, and how much you appreciate your supporters, no matter where they are. 
  • Give supporters fundraising tips, tools, incentives and encourage social media sharing of your cause to spread the word even further! Some ideas to get you started: a how-to guide of the participant centre, incentives for uploading and emailing contacts, offering social media templates and sample posts for your participants to share to their own network. 
  • Offer ways to measure and celebrate success among all participants, whether it’s fitness activity tracking via the Strava integration, or celebrating fundraising milestones using raisin’s participant badges. For active events, encourage your participants to connect their Strava account through their raisin profile, as their activity totals will contribute to their team activity goal! Ensure participants are aware of raisin badges and are striving to show off their hard work on their participant page! 

Additionally, raisin’s new cross-location registration feature makes it simpler for participants to stay engaged and connect with their friends and family in different event locations or groups. 

More resources to power your next hybrid event:


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