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What is "gamification"? 

Gamification sounds complicated, but it's not! Let’s start with a quick definition: Simply put, gamification is the use of game-like design in non-game events. It can help in making a fundraising campaign more engaging, fun and interactive. Plus, encouraging healthy competition between fundraisers can go a long way in incentivizing participants to meet their fundraising goals.

But how? With technology also being easily accessible to the non-profit world, it has never been easier to include gamification tactics in your fundraising campaigns. While some campaigns can be built around a game or friendly competition, gamification tactics can also be built into your campaign by using raisin in-built features readily available in the Peer-to-Peer module:


raisin’s in-built leaderboard can be a great tool to encourage friendly competition and publicly recognize top-performing constituents’ efforts in supporting your cause. Why not reward your top donors and fundraisers? 

Fundraising thermometers 

In raisin, participants and teams are required to set a fundraising goal when registering to a Peer-to-Peer Event. The objective they set automatically appears on their pages’ thermometer. Tracking fundraiser’s progress from their thermometer and offering rewards when certain milestones are reached are an amazing tool to encourage participants to meet their fundraising objectives, therefore raising more for your organization. 

Fundraising Badges in raisin

Fundraising badges  

Badges are a great way for players to showcase their achievements in a game. In raisin, fundraising badges automatically appear on the participant’s and team fundraising pages when the following actions are completed: returning participant, goal reached, team captain and self-donation. Encouraging participants to collect badges and earn prizes can be a great way to further engage your constituents.

Social sharing  

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool that is free for organizations. Encouraging participants to share their fundraising page on social media and rewarding those who go the extra mile can extend the reach of your campaign and raise awareness around your cause.  

By combining these features with simple rewards, for example, branded holiday-themed goodies, leveraging gamification tactics can help in boosting the reach and engagement of your event.  

Engagement and challenges

If you want to take it a step further, you can also use our direct integration Strava – a fitness app that allows fundraisers to showcase a personal fitness challenge on their challenge –  to build an Event centered around meeting a fitness goal and rewards who either reach their or are the first to reach a goal for the Event.  

Looking for inspiration on how to gamify your fundraising campaigns? Give us a shout!


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