KnowledgeCreating Value and Obtaining Brand Sponsorships

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Corporate sponsorships can have a real impact on the success of your event or campaign by providing increased awareness, brand association, and monetary support to help cover overhead costs of running the event, allowing you to put more of your donations towards your mission.

Sponsorships are also a great way for companies to gain brand exposure, goodwill, and awareness from your supporters. Corporate sponsorships are a win-win for both non-profits and brands. The raisin platform subscription includes a number of tools to help you create value for businesses and make it easy for them to support your campaign through the purchase of a sponsorship.

Selling Sponsorship Packages

raisin's Ticketing module allows you to sell sponsorship items right on your event site, allowing for online credit card and invoice payment options, making it quick and easy for brands to sponsor the event.

The set up tools allow you to set a maximum quantity and deadline for purchase and allow you to include a number of event tickets as part of the sponsorship package.

Creating Value for Sponsors

Sponsor logos can be included right on your event tickets, offering an opportunity to create value. The footer section of an event website, for instance, is an ideal region to include your sponsors’ logos that will show on every page that visitors browse. ​Simple drag-and-drop content blocks in raisin's Website Builder make this process easy.

For additional exposure, you might also consider creating a separate page that highlights your sponsors with a logo grid featuring links to sponsors’ own websites, and their contribution to the event. For example, for title sponsors, you may choose to further highlight their contributions with a short impact or gratitude statement and an image or a video. With the easy-to-use CMS website builder tools, there are endless possibilities to highlight your sponsors.

Email message templates are another great place to include your sponsors logos. Every attendee will receive automatic emails for the event and each one of these is an opportunity to create value for your sponsors.
The best way to attract and retain sponsors for your organization is to create value for them and make it easy to purchase sponsorship packages.

The raisin platform lets you get creative in selling sponsorship packages and creating the kind of value that makes brands want to partner with your organization.
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