KnowledgeCreating Memorable Content on P2P Fundraising Sites

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By Geneviève Cassan


Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising formats – like walks, runs, rides and personal challenges – continue to grow in popularity as charitable organizations look to deepen relationships with existing supporters, and find fun, new ways to reach new networks of people.

Engaging support for your next P2P fundraising event starts with a memorable online presence that motivates visitors to join the cause, login to fundraise on your behalf, and in turn, encourages potenital donors to give. Applying the learnings from last week’s introduction to content marketing, here are some tips and features that will help your non-profit create valuable content and catch the eye of users on your site:

1. First Impressions are Lasting
The home page is your opportunity to make a strong first impression. What does your organization do? Why should a visitor care? How can they get involved in supporting the cause? According to industry research from the Content Marketing Institute (2015), one of the most effective ways to answer these questions is through a meaningful and well-positioned image. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words! So take the opportunity to communicate the good you do with a large banner that immediately greets visitors and inspires to be part of the change you’re making. The homepage is also where you can tell a brief and impactful stories targetted at your consistuents or to include relevant testimonials.


2. Call-to-Action
It’s important not to forget to actually complete the ask! Craft straightforward call-to-actions that convert the passion of visitors into support for your cause. In the context of a P2P fundraising website, big buttons make it obvious to potential fundraisers, donors or volunteers how they can get involved. Wired Impact (2015) also suggests using clear language that is think urgent and incites action - like “Donate Now”, “Take Action”, “Give Today” and “Join the Cause”.

3. Social Networks
Embedding your social media feeds onto your home page will boost viral activity, redirect users to your social networks and encourage them to connect on a more personal level with you. Remember: social is one cog in your organization's broader content marketing strategy. Use this platform to drip out inspiring stories, demonstrate organizational efficacy and build excitement about your event.


4. Look & Feel
Presenting a branded event site manner imparts quality and professionalism, among the most important factors in assessing content according to consumers. From fonts, colours, sizes and logos, you’ll want to ensure that everything matches not only on your website, but also on all other active platforms, to reflect consistency. The end result? Increased trust and engagement.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile!
Last, but certainly not least, due to the undeniable importance of mobile devices, make sure that content is mobile-friendly! Mobile users, as noted on our Blog and elsewhere, have different needs than desktop users. We suggest tightening content such that it accelerates and facilitates the fundraising actions you are promoting - without forcing on-the-go visitors to unnecessarily swipe or scroll.

raisin Pledge module for peer-to-peer events and ongoing third-party campaigns make it easy to define the unique needs of your peer-to-peer ask, and create beautiful content that inspires participation. Contact us to learn more about how the content tools in raisin can help you make a difference with a peer-to-peer fundraiser!

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