AnnouncementsMeet the Newest Member of the Kelly Brush Foundation

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It was only a few months ago that we had the pleasure of beginning our relationship with the Kelly Brush Foundation. The Kelly Brush Foundation is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries and increasing ski racing safety. Behind this incredible Foundation, is a very strong, and inspiring woman named Kelly. Since their involvement with raisin, the organization has begun campaigning in the United States, including the 11th Annual Kelly Brush Ride - which has raised over $100,000 and counting.

Working closely with their team has been an absolute privilege. The amount of passion, commitment and love they present for Kelly, and the Foundation makes it easy for everyone to get involved! When we learned that Zeke, and Kelly had added a new member to their family, we could not wait to share the news!

Without further delay, meet Dylan Mary Davisson. We like to think that Dylan is one of the cutest babies we have ever worked with, and delightfully await for more blog posts and photos from Kelly about her development.

Congratulations Kelly, and Zeke on this beautiful baby! A beautiful healthy baby is a blessing for any family, and Dylan is lucky to have you as her parent.

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