AnnouncementsIntroducing the e-Tax Receipt Template Builder!

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Official charitable tax receipts are an important benefit that you're able to offer donors, but receipting changes — especially unexpected ones — can be time-consuming. Until now.

We’re pleased to introduce the e-Tax Receipt Builder, an all-in-one facility that eliminates costs and turnaround time when setting up or making changes to the charitable receipts you issue through raisin. The e-Tax Receipt Builder empowers you to design a branded tax receipt directly in raisin. Updates to your template can be made any time, completely free of charge.

In a few easy steps, the e-Tax Receipt Builder empowers you to personalize a standard tax receipt template. Simply set your receipt number and prefix, personalize the receipt with your choice of the following options and you're ready to start!

Receipt formats and custom fields include:
  • Single, double or triple template style
  • Bilingual or unilingual (if enabled)
  • Organizational receipt prefix and starting number
  • Logo, signature and areas for stewardship
Custom templates, designed and developed based on your Organization’s specifications, are always possible.

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