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Perfect for launching your next big event, Multi-Pledge is designed to power multiple groups under one branded campaign.

raisin Multi-Pledge is ideal for:
  • National/Provincial campaigns with participant registration for multiple locations
  • Peer-to-Peer initiatives across different organizations (e.g. schools, corporate offices or gyms)
  • Events that employ ‘teams of teams’ or ‘groups’ (e.g. corporate, school or virtual challenges) 
  • Pledge events where groups of people fundraise for different causes (e.g. breast cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, etc.) 
  • Innovative interactive interface harnesses latest trends in social media design and user-experience. 
  • Leading-edge mobile-optimized solution for all constituents. 
  • One-click to Donate, Register and Login across all locations and groups.
  • Enhanced communication tools at location, group and personal page levels, with real-time dashboards promoting participant achievements. 
  • Leadership thermometers promote real-time competition between top fundraisers, teams, groups, locations, industries, company schools, etc.
  • New enhanced fundraising tools inspire and engage participants throughout event life cycle. 
Multi-Pledge in Action in 2015!

2015 Gutsy Walk | This national bilingual event engages 7000 participants, across 70 communities to raise money for research and education. ‘It takes guts to make it stop!'

Kurling for Kids | hosted 11 bonspiels across Quebec, to raise funds for both the Montreal Children's Hospital and the CHU Sainte-Justine Hospital foundations.

Power of Movement | Canada’s largest yoga event, held virtually, at schools and studios across the country raises money for arthritis research. Experience the power of movement! 

Push for Your Tush | 2000 participants across nine Canadian locations are giving back to their communities by raising funds for Colon Cancer Canada. 
Shave for the Brave | Community-driven, this national event encourages local groups & individuals to host head shaves supporting young adults fighting cancer. 

Kidney Walks | This spring, over 40 communities will come together for the Kidney Foundation of Canada’s annual walk to raise funds to help end kidney disease, a silent killer affecting 1 in 10 Canadians.

The Possibilities are Endless… 

The ease of setting up events is a joy - grow your event, propel participation and expand your impact! 
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